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We believe in creating a genuine partnership that is fairer for startups and has better outcomes for all.

What’s on offer?

Hands-on support from lean product, service and UX design specialists

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Access to research and customer insight tools and expertise


Product testing opportunities with our audience of millions of readers

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Royalty-free use of our written and image content as well as powerful data sets

Access to potential brand and commercial partners

8 weeks free office space in the iconic London Bridge News UK HQ

What happens and when

We're hiding nothing in this process, so we encourage you to read our plain English what to expect guide that will tell you everything you could possibly wish to know.

1st February 2018

Applications open

30th March 2018

Applications close

Feb and March ongoing

Discovery days

2nd April to 28th May 2018


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1st February to 30th March 2018 - APPLICATION PERIOD

Our aim is to give you the best chance of success, with the least amount of your effort. So, unlike other incubator applications we are very happy to chat with you informally before or after your submission. 

Chemistry is key for us, so the better we get to know you, the better your chance of success.

During and after the application period we shall be selecting our favourite startups to join us at our head office in London Bridge for a discovery session. The purpose is to talk in more detail about what you want to achieve in the lab, and create a mutual agreement on what the measures of success would look like. 

We also use this opportunity to really get to know you and your working style to help select the best mentors. After the discovery sessions we will make a final decision on which startups we think will work best in the next lab intake.

Prior to entering the lab you will be required to sign a convertible note, where News UK will take a 1-10% stake in your business in exchange for the residency programme. You can read more about this here.

February and March 2018 - DISCOVERY DAYS

2 April to 28 May 2018 -  RESIDENCY

Eight weeks residency at our iconic London Bridge office with daily access to the team from Fluxx who are experts in helping companies and startups hone their propositions and shape their products. 

We will encourage you to make best use of the resources at your disposal across our data, technology, production and research capabilities, not to mention house advertising across our digital titles that we can use to test ideas with real people.

Why join the News UK Startup Lab?

Timing is critical when it comes to startup success. Approach investors too early and you’ll get rejected. Develop a product before validating it with customers and you’ll risk building something nobody wants. Scale too quickly and you’ll waste money and lose focus.

How we can help?

And give them the evidence they need to prove their business model

Join the Lab to put your startup on the path to scale

We’ll give you the product development skills, domain expertise and access to our millions of readers to validate your product and business model quickly. And put you on a path for scale.

Meet some of our experts

How it works

Validate your product or service with real customers quickly and cheaply.

Develop a focussed roadmap and growth plan to achieve your vision.

In addition to the benefits of the Lab itself, you’ll also get to make your case to the News UK executive board for an ongoing partnership that could help your business grow.

Maybe you’ll want News UK as your client, an ongoing advisor or simply to open new brand relationships. Or perhaps there could be mutual benefit of News UK becoming a strategic investor or as an introducer to other relevant investor relationships. 

Every business is different, so what ask would you make?

Let’s hear what our startups have to say

“We uncovered that 54% of The Sun’s audience overlaps with our target, and were able to test our jobs app at a much larger scale.” 

Jobsnapps founder, Nick  

“We developed real-world experiments to test our product, which is more powerful than research alone. We created a digital prototype and used the contacts we made at News UK to drive traffic to it measuring actual customer behaviour.” 

mTag founder, Fadzi Mkandla  

“The incubator opened our eyes to the vast opportunity of scale open to Mums Enterprise and helped us build a realistic roadmap from now until 2020.” 

Mums Enterprise founder, Lindsey Fish  

What we’re looking for

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About your 
business idea:

You can clearly explain what your product or service is and how it works

You have a live, working product or service

You have something new, unique or potentially disruptive

You have evidence of traction with 


You have achieved some form of funding

You have a legally registered business

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You have credible experience in your business sector

You have the ambition to create a profitable & scalable business

You have vision and self-belief and can deal with ambiguity

You’re eager to broaden and develop your skill and knowledge

You’re flexible and want to learn and adapt from data and evidence

You are self-aware. You know your strengths and where you need help


Mentoring from subject matter experts and access to senior decision -makers


Up to £10,000 in cash to cover business expenses during the Lab

Successful applicants will receive an (up to) eight-week residency in the News UK Startup Lab which will help you with:

Our data engineers and scientists can give you contextual analytics from the billions of data points gathered across our titles.

By centring on the human experience, Fluxx designers can help you develop your product vision into a brand that people will love and champion.

Our creative strategists build new products and services that consumers love, using human-centered design and agile techniques.

Our team of engineers can help you with mobile and web development using agile software development techniques.

Dan Gilbert
Director of Data Technology, News UK

Richard Bassett
UX / Design Specialist, Fluxx

Jennifer Torry
Creative Strategist, Fluxx

Rudi de Sousa
Director of Engineering and Architecture, News UK

Charlotte Schofield
Business Strategist, Fluxx

Nick Mays
Archivist, News UK

Milton Elias
Head of Mobile and Video, News UK

Paul Dawson
Founding Partner, Fluxx

Mark Field
Branded Content & Sponsorship Director, News UK

Eleanor Hatch-Robinson
Head of Production, News UK

Jo Wickremasinghe
Director of Product, News UK

Kate Clarke
Head of Research & Insight, News UK

Our business strategists look beyond spreadsheets and data to develop propositions and business models that are desirable and viable.

Our content team can help you explore and access over 200 years worth of iconic journalism content, imagery and data.

Learn how to access consumers on mobile with our programmatic specialists, commercial writers and brand & partnership strategists.

Fluxx is an innovation company. We want to unlock your potential helping you to change and innovate at pace.

Our internal studio offers advertisers bespoke branded content solutions matching audience insight with editorial talent.

Our production team create quality events and video across all News UK platforms with in-house designers, animators, actors and producers.

Our product team can help you with product strategy and management, with expertise across The Sun, The Times and digital platforms.

Our researchers give you critical insights into the behaviours, lifestyle and media consumption of your target audience.

Arm yourself with approaches, learning and skills that will help you navigate the next 12-18 months with confidence.

Create credible projections backed by real data and evidence that will demonstrate your business’ potential to investors.

Give your business today a more tangible value.

Develop your network with experts, brands and investors.

Get an opportunity to leverage the scale of News UK's readership.

Build your business case and get investor ready.

Inside the LabLightbox Button
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For our next intake of startups, we’re focussing on fintech. If you have an exciting product or service in this area we want to hear from you.

Light touch

We can give you access to the specific team or resource you need to progress your business. 

It’s designed around what you need, for as long as you need it. This is perfect for businesses who want to test their product in a newsroom environment or for those looking for a supplier relationship.

Apply now
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We’re keen to invest in startups and growth businesses that are reinventing the world of media and publishing.

If you’re a high-growth startup looking for funding, we want to talk to you. 

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Alternatively …

Like the idea of working with News UK, but not sure an eight week residency is right for you?

We offer a range of other services for startups and are always interested in talking to passionate founders.

“We’ve rewarded over half a million people through our Sun Savers programme – but we know we can do more. We want to help our readers’ money go further, helping them save and spend their money on the things they want most. We’re keen to talk to businesses who really understand our customers’ motivations, delivering value in the easiest, frictionless way possible.”

David Robinson, Managing Director

““We know that making financial decisions is one of the biggest areas of concern for our readers, especially ‘intergenerational influencers’ who need to make decisions not only for themselves and their children, but their parents too. We want to do more to help.”

Chris Duncan, Managing Director

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